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Class reunions

People forget each other
Fri 28 Oct 2022
Bible reference(s): Luke 23:42

When I went to my school reunion, it was hard to remember names and faces.

But there were also people I couldn’t remember … at all.

I couldn’t remember them ever existing.

But worse, I was the same to them. They couldn’t remember me ever existing either.

But why should I be shocked?

People forget about me all the time.

And one day, the universe will forget about me all together.

I’m just not that important.

But somehow Jesus promises to remember me.

As Jesus was hanging on the cross, the guy being crucified next to him said to Jesus: “Remember me!”

And Jesus promised he will.

Jesus will never forget us. Why else would he die for us on a cross – unless it was so he could remember us?

I just wish Jesus could also help me to remember where I left my car keys.