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Christmas Again

Fri 9 Dec 2022
It's happening again
Christmas, Grinch

Okay, so it’s happening. Again. Christmas.

Poor unsuspecting me, looking for the toilet in David Jones, and I end up on Level 4, which was a forest of Christmas trees.

Didn’t we just have that? Isn’t there still tinsel on the posts of my lazy neighbour’s house? Yep!

Yet here we are again!

Christmas is coming — again.

But here’s a fact: Jesus might be okay with that.

Maybe it’s a reminder that Jesus is coming again. Not the first time like Christmas, all concealed and humble; but a second time – revealed to everyone, and as King.

I’ve been called a Christmas Grinch from time to time; maybe it’s true! But not about Jesus coming again.

His promise is that he will put the world right.

When he does, all the pain and war and evil banished.

And when he does, that will feel like all our Christmases have come at once.

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