Christmas | Third Space


How can a self-proclaimed Grinch celebrate the season?
Tue 15 Nov 2022

I saw that Facebook post the other day
Will Ferrell
In the Elf movie
100 days to Christmas!
Oh goodie!

And I’m like, What?
Didn’t that just happen?

Okay who’s hosting
Which family problem do we need to sort out?

I can be a bit of a Grinch
Okay – a lot of a Grinch

But maybe in the lead up to Christmas
It might be worth asking
What if I knew Jesus was coming back
In less than 100 days

How might I live my life?
Would I be “Goodie!”

Or would I be
“Whoops – I better get some stuff sorted out!

Fact check: Jesus is coming back
He wants us to be ready
But he wants us to be all Will Ferrell about it too
All “Goodie!”

Cos If we’re ready
It will be like all our Christmases coming at once.