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Chicken Feet

One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure
Tue 18 Oct 2022

If you're a Westerner, chicken feet go into the rubbish bin.

It's the part of the chicken that no-one eats. Instead, the breast meat is most treasured – it’s the most expensive part of the chicken.

But for the Chinese, chicken feet are a delicacy. Very treasured. (But not the breast - it's too dry!)

One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure.

The Bible similarly calls Jesus: "the stone that the builders rejected".

For many people, Jesus belongs in the rubbish bin.

But for God, Jesus is so treasured that God makes him the "cornerstone" - the foundation - of a whole new way of life.

Our rubbish is God's treasure.

You could say that Jesus is the Chicken Feet on which God’s Kingdom stands.

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