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Can we ever find true equality?

Is this an achievable goal?
Sat 9 Apr 2022



Can we ever find true equality?

Observing the world around us we clearly aren’t equal. People have different abilities, different incomes, different looks, different opportunities.

I can’t sing like Justin Bieber, or look like Hugh Jackman or have the bank balance of Bill Gates.

We’re not equal by reference to any of these attributes. In fact we’ll never find equality in any human characteristic. So can we ever find true equality?

In the Bible we learn that God declares all humans equal because we are created in his image. Thus no matter how much I earn, how I look or sing, in the eyes of God, all humans are equal.

So in a world without God - equality will always be an illusion, but the Bible offers true equality because we’re made in the image of God.

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