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Can bad guys change to be good?

Tue 7 Jun 2022
Create in me a new heart
Film and TV
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Bible reference(s): Psalm 51:10

The film The Bad Guys was great!

At the core of the story it asked if people or animated animals can change? Not to spoil the film, but it was fun to see these characters attempt to become reformed. Still, we see bad behaviour repeating itself and it forces us to look for the answer to this question on change.

Did you know that the words of the Bible do provide the solution.

There is a request in the Psalms that says, Create in me a clean heart, O God… This is a great place to start when considering how lives can be truly changed. With God.

By discovering how we can move from bad to good. A feat that can not be done by sheer will or by merely following a man-made program. The answer to this age-old question is found in the words of the Bible. This may seem simplistic, but it is an answer that will change your life.

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