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The building blocks of resilience

Thu 7 Oct 2021
Lifestyle and well-being
Resilience, mental health, help
Bible reference(s): Luke 10:38-42

Mental wellbeing comes from a variety of sources including being thankful, having purpose and meaning, good relationships and hope … but where do these come from?

Dr Sam Chan will show us how working on our Spiritual health will build a strong foundation for our mental health and build resilience for whatever happens


  1. Sam's talk goes for 17 minutes
  2. Michelle shares her mum's story for 5 minutes
  3. Q&A goes for 12 minutes (starting at the 22 minute mark in the video)


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    Thu, 21/10/2021 - 5:07am reply

    Wow, this analogy is deeply insightful. I have experienced this reality. Thank you for prayerfully putting this together.

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