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The bond of brothers

You've gotta love Onward
Mon 6 Jun 2022

I love the Pixar film Onward because of its depiction of brothers.

Sure, there is something special between all siblings and family, but brothers have an inexplicable bond. It's one of those things that can only be explained and experienced by brothers and not just because we gave one another wedgies as kids.

The relationship of Ian and Barley Lightfoot captures this bond without having to use too many words. These siblings were committed to one another despite the challenges that came their way.

This is the type of bond that helps to understand the reason that Jesus used the word brotherhood as a means of defining the relationships among his disciples. When someone becomes a follower of Christ, they are considered brothers. This is a bond that is meant to develop strong relationships built on forgiveness, sacrifice, and love.

An inexplicable and beautiful connection given to us as a gift from God.

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