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Thu 24 Nov 2022
How suffering is used by God ultimately for good
Suffering, sin and evil, Literature
Suffering, God, good, Susan Cain, Quiet

Susan Cain is the author of the hugely popular book Quiet

A book about introversion which has sold over four million copies since its release ten years ago

Her latest book Bittersweet is also racing off the shelves

Cain’s argument is that rather than being avoided, it's the pains and difficulties of life which enrich us and make us whole

As a Christian I believe there is much truth in this

The Bible repeatedly teaches how suffering is used by God ultimately for good

The greatest example of this?

The death of Jesus which provided life to all those who believe

But believing bittersweet moments are ultimately good for us isn’t enough

We need hope and a guarantee they will work out for our good

And that’s something only God promises

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