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Good reasons to trust
Wed 15 Mar 2023
Bible reference(s): Luke 1:1-4

Is the Bible true? There are a number of reasons to believe we can trust the Bible.

The Bible accurately records information which intersects with known ancient history.

For example, In the Gospel of Lukeā€”the author correctly identifies all the rulers of ancient Palestine in the correct times and places. Archaeological discoveries confirm many of the places and characters recorded in the Bible, such as the house of David, Pontius Pilate and the pool of Siloam.

The first four verses of Luke reveal an important attitude of Biblical writers to the truth.

Luke says he carefully investigated everything to write a complete account by consulting with eyewitnesses.

The authors of the Bible had very little to gain by inventing a false message as many died for their beliefs.

So there are many good reasons to trust what is recorded in the Bible.

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