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Imagine if someone had done a 'best of' list for all of life
Mon 18 Mar 2024



I recently moved interstate. No longer do i know where to go to get the best coffee, or the best meal, or the best whatever it is I'm after — which is why I love those 'best of' lists.

Someone else has done all the hard work and come up with the places I should go.

Now, imagine if someone had done a 'best of' list for all of life; the one place to go for life forever.

Well thankfully, someone has.

In one of the biographies of Jesus, one of His followers says this about Him:

"Where else have we to go when You alone have the words of eternal life?"

If you want life forever, there's only one place to go on the 'best of' list: Jesus!

He tops the list of where to go for life forever — He's the only one on the list!

Now, if only figuring out where to get my coffee was that easy...

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