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Becoming Your Parent

Well, it's happened to Jesus too
Fri 17 Nov 2023



As a child, I used to be amazed that my parents didn't know how to do some seemingly simple task on the computer.

"You just do this," I'd say, and step in to show them; smugly thinking to myself:

that will never happen to me.

Well, it's happened. My child showed me the other day how to do some trick on our smart TV.

"You know you can just do this, Dad," he said as he took the remote from my had and showed me.

No matter how hard we might try to resist it, the fact remains we eventually grow up and find ourselves doing the things our parents did.

You know, Jesus once said this about Himself!

He only does what He has seen God the Father first doing.

Which means if you want to know what God is like, that you simply have to see who Jesus is.

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