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Beauty of the Beast

The beast is made beautiful
Wed 14 Jun 2023



In our family, Beauty and the Beast was a favourite for us all. Admittedly, I really enjoyed the original film. While my daughters enjoyed the romance, I found myself truly relating with the Beast. I could relate with him (not because I'm a hairy man).

No, I related with him because he represented the mean, nasty monsters that existed within my heart: sin.

Interestingly, in the story, the love that saves the Beast comes from outside of the cursed castle and himself.

A love that brings salvation that cannot be accomplished on his own.

Just as Belle's ability to love the Beast breaks the power of the curse of him, so too does Jesus' death and resurrection break the power of sin over humanity. Once we accept His love, we are adopted as sons and daughters;

nothing we do—past, present, future—can ever change that status and out standing before God.

The beast is made beautiful.

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