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Be Prepared

Did you know Jesus spoke a lot about being prepared?
Mon 8 Jul 2024



In my job I meet up with a lot of people

And so whenever I go to a meeting I always go prepared…with a book

Because sometimes people are late

Or have to cancel last minute

Or sometimes just don’t show up at all

So I go prepared, always with a book so I’ve got something to read while I wait

Did you know Jesus spoke a lot about being prepared

Not prepared in case someone doesn’t show up

But prepared for when someone will - Himself

Jesus promises to return one day to make all things new

But we need to be prepared for that

Not having something to read when someone fails to show for a meeting is frustrating

But not being prepared for when Jesus comes back will be far more serious

So be prepared

Find out who He is, what He’s done, and what He’s coming back to do so that you’re ready

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