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Avoiding COVID like the plague

Sun 5 Jun 2022
Can't control everything
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I managed to avoid COVID like the plague, but it finally got me.

A flight somewhere was all it took, but Wham! Down for the count!

Truth is I’d kinda felt smug about avoiding it: I’m better, healthier, smarter than others. Until I got it. Then I was trying to figure out why.

Maybe I let down my guard. Maybe my booster had run out. Maybe someone wasn’t masked up properly on that flight!

Or maybe, I’m not as in charge of my life as I like to think.

Maybe the idea that I can control everything is just that- an idea.

COVID has humbled me just a little bit.

The Bible says God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

What are the things outside your control that might humble you a little bit?

That’s the place where God can meet us.

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