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Are you thirsty?

Fri 29 Oct 2021
God can satisfy your thrist
Thirst, satisfaction
Bible reference(s): John

Now thirst is a craving for something and there are many cravings in our world, often more substantial than just a craving for ice cream or potato chips.

People in our world are often craving or thirsty for recognition, reputation, justice, power, material comfort, experiences and validation. We live in a thirsty world.

Jesus says in the Gospel of John, ‘Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.’

This is a striking offer for Jesus isn’t selling cold drinks, instead Jesus is offering to quench our deeper and more profound thirsts by offering his Spirit which fills his people with ultimate meaning, blessing, fullness and eternal life. So in Jesus we can drink deeply and enjoy true life to the full, into eternity.

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