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Andrew Scipione - Lessons for Leadership

Thu 15 Oct 2020
Leadership on a bad day
Life stories
leadership, leader, Lindt Cafe siege, pressure, Decision making, public service, role model
Bible reference(s): Micah 6.8

How do you lead a response to a terrorist incident? Andrew Scipione was the NSW Commissioner of Police during the Lindt Cafe siege of 2014. He shares big lessons of leadership learned on that fateful day and his surprising source of inspiration and strength.

The guest: Andrew Scipione. Andrew joined the NSW Police force in 1980. He was appointed NSW Commissioner of Police in 2007 where he served amidst some of the most challenging events in Australia’s history, including the Lindt Cafe siege in December 2014 before his retirement in 2017. Andrew has been awarded the Australian Police Medal and the National Medal. He loves his family and fishing.

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