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Am I Going to Die?

Thu 13 Jan 2022
Final thoughts in an ambulance
Jesus' death
Death, Remember, Life, guilt, Meaning, Forgiveness

Paramedic Matthew O’Reilly was first to many serious medical incidents where he met fatally injured people in their last minutes of life.

These people asked him a blunt question, “Am I going to die?” When he said they would - he observed three types of responses.

One was the need for remembrance. People needed to feel that they would live on in some way.

The second was to know their life had meaning. People didn’t want to have wasted their life on meaningless tasks.

The third was a need for forgiveness. Whether you call it sin or having regrets, he says, “the guilt is universal”.

The good news is that these three deep human longings all find their fulfilment in Jesus Christ. Jesus offers eternal life, connection with a deeper purpose and forgiveness from our past.

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