100% | Third Space


Are you all in?
Fri 2 Jun 2023



One of my favourite emojis to use is the "100" symbol: 💯

You know the one you use when you agree with someone?

Although...do you ever feel like it's a little too much? I mean, I agree; but 100%? On that statement, maybe I'm an 80%.

But with 100, it's all or nothing. I'm either totally with you or I'm not.

It's a bit like that with how God treats us. He's not "a bit" on our side depending on the day, depending on our performance, depending on how He's feeling.

If you love and trust in Him, He is 100% for you. He didn't die "just a bit" for you—He gave up His whole life so you could have a relationship with Him.

Do you know this God? If not, He's worth finding out more about, because He's got a 💯 emoji waiting for you.

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