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The Word Becomes Film

A great complement to The Maker's Quest (Releasing on 13 May)
Fri 5 Apr 2024

"The Word Became Film’ invites us to explore how films shape the way we see life. Russ Matthews creatively illustrates how the movie screen can expand and refine our understanding of the God we read about in the pages of the Bible."

Russ’s book reminds me of Judy in Zootopia ‘Small, but big.’

Jason Perini (Writer, actor and director)

“I have not met anybody with more passion for and applied thinking about how to share God’s love through movies than Russ Matthews. The ambition of creative instruction in The Word Becomes Film means that if you can see the potential for deploying pop culture to evangelise, Russ’ modern parable offers more than a relationship story. It’s a springboard for your own unorthodox outreach.” - Ben McEachen - Hope 103.2 - Mornings

When you order the book / ebook, you get two bonus options:

  • The Word Becomes Film Study Guide - Link provided in the front of the book
  • Free access to the Finding God in Film online training course ($20 value - details below)
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  3. Go to the link below for the Finding God in Film training.
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  5. Then take the training at your leisure.

Enjoy the training now and the book

Book details: Most of us want to tell our friends about Jesus. But our level of confidence, and our abilities, don't always match that desire. If you're a Christian, you long to share the good news of the Bible with the people in your life. Still, you worry that discussing it may be offensive, leaving you feeling frustrated and guilty. Maybe you aren't sure how to even start. In our secular, post-Christian world we need a new approach to sharing Jesus, one that's personal, creative, and engaging.

In this page-turning parable, author Russ Matthews gives readers a powerful tool for evangelism that he has been using for the last decade: The power of narrative and story through movies. This model provides an interactive screenplay for a world that doesn’t know how to talk about faith anymore. And what Russ Matthews suggests is simple, revolutionary, effective, and most importantly, tried and tested. The Reel Dialogue team and the author hope to introduce these methods to you through the pages in this book and the resources provided at the back.

The Word Becomes Film is a ground-breaking model that applies wherever you find yourself. It is a storyboard for Christians who may be frustrated with established models of evangelism and want to create new culturally-friendly ways of engaging their friends with the Gospel.

Simply put, stories draw people into God's story…