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Sweet to the taste - Sugar, butter, flour & mother
Mon 13 May 2024



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Waitress (2007) was a low-budget romantic comedy starring Kerri Russell and Nathan Fillion that focussed on the drama revolving around a small-town diner, motherhood, infidelity and pie. It was not the usual recipe for a Broadway musical. Still, Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson captured the quirky tale's heart to deliver a surprise stage production in 2015. Eventually, the musical hit was filmed to allow a broader audience to get a ‘taste’ of this magical creation.

For those unfamiliar with the original story, Joe’s Pie Diner is the heart of a small-town America, and the greasy spoon is reliant on the talents of waitress and baker Jenna (Sara Bareilles). Her extraordinary baking skills help her to reminisce about better days with her mother and as a means of escaping her difficult life with her abusive husband, Earl (Joe Tippett). When she discovers she is pregnant, Jenna must decide how to break the news to her family and work colleagues. If that wasn’t difficult enough, she suddenly becomes romantically involved with her OB/GYN office, Dr. James “Jim” Pomatter (Drew Gehling), who is married but can’t get enough of Jenna and her pies.

This unexpected hit has outperformed the source material and has become a worldwide sensation. While the original film was endearing and engaging, the musical stylings of Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson take this story to the next level of entertainment. The musical score is inventive and will draw fans of stage productions into this wacky screenplay despite mature elements that involve infidelity, unwanted pregnancies, and spousal abuse. As the storyline stays true to the film’s narrative, it is songs like What's Inside, It Only Takes a Taste, and She Used to Be Mine that give Waitress the heart and soul that led to the success of this innovative stage production. Each tune lifts this unique romantic drama from the ordinary into a heartwarming journey into the value of mothers, friends and the beautiful world of pies.

Waitress The Musical may be an acquired taste for anyone confronted by sexually explicit material and adultery. Yet, for those looking for a magical musical score that threads together an uncommon look into the world of those yearning to break free from their past, this will prove to be a delicious option to discover.

Reel Dialogue: Food is love

Check out the God in 60 Seconds that has a taste of the joy found in sharing a meal with others.

With all of the wonderful cuisines of the world, it can be exciting to go to someone’s home to eat. Many times it could be a journey into another culture.

Yet, to many people, a meal is an opportunity to show their guests or family how they love them. Food can represent the heart of the one who serves it.

Interestingly, Jesus even showed us how food can represent love. At one point, he defined himself as “the bread of life.”

The Bible shows, from the Passover meal to the simplicity of Jesus sharing bread and wine with his friends, that food can be a beautifully gracious expression of God's love.

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