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Sound of Freedom - Australian release

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Tue 15 Aug 2023



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What is fascinating about many of the reviews of Sound of Freedom is how they don’t seem to engage with the film. As if there was no film to critique and only the ideas fostered by the media and social commentators commenting on the filmmakers' motivations. Instead of addressing the content and quality of the movie, film critics have taken this opportunity to share their political leanings instead of critiquing the storyline. This review will stay within the context of the film itself as opposed to engaging with those conversations outside of the cinema.

Based on the actual events and work of Homeland Security federal agent Tim Ballard (Jim Caveziel). His role is to unearth and stop human sex trafficking of children within the borders of the United States. Yet, he realises that much of the problem of this evil trade is managed offshore and online. This leads him to do all he can to assist in bringing down the networks outside the US borders, which means he must leave the federal agency to fulfill his plans. The film goes on to show how Ballard can help one family through these operations that eventually lead to many children being freed.

The worldwide popularity of this film needs to be clarified since the subject matter is difficult to watch, much less considered an entertainment option. The content purpose looks to be more educational than entertaining and brings awareness to the horrific side of humanity. Yet, the quality of the film is exceptional, and the performances by Jim Caveziel and Bill Camp show the cast's commitment to this film’s messaging. Director Alejandro Monteverde makes this a respectful journey into the hellish underworld of enslaved children. The filmmaker takes the audience close enough to experience the nightmare without enduring the horrors of the actions of these evil individuals. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best films from Angel Studios and will set new records for this genre.

One could chalk the film's popularity up to effective grass-roots marketing or the devoted following of The Chosen, but that can only go so far. Whatever people want to credit in the success of this film, there is something for production companies to notice. Audiences are willing to go out to cinemas if there are well-told stories with a mind toward high production value. Faith-based films can draw crowds and Sound of Freedom proves they can be good quality productions that will engage with viewers while delivering a hope-filled message. In the end, Alejandro Monteverde’s film is top-quality artistry that has captured the world’s attention in unprecedented fashion.

Reel Dialogue: What can I do after seeing a film like Sound of Freedom?

After experiencing this film, the logical conclusion has to be for audiences to act. Destiny Rescue is an organisation that provides solutions. Learn more about human trafficking and sexual exploitation around the globe by checking out works like Destiny Rescue. Discover what drives these deplorable crimes and how to fight against this worldwide issue.

Destiny Rescue

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