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Ego: The Michael Gudinski Story

Reel Dialogue - Short take review of the music legend
Thu 24 Aug 2023



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Short Take: The phrase comes from the film industry, initially, and it means a short bit of recording or “something that only takes a short time,” especially if a more extended version may be done later.

Short Take review: A short review of a film with potential discussion points

Summary: Throughout rock and roll history, much is written about the artists who have influenced the world, but little is known about those behind the scenes. Yet, less is known about the promoters and producers who give these musicians the start they need and lead them to their success. In Australian music, no one was as bombastic and influential as Michael Gudinski. Many inside and outside of the sunburnt country may not know his name. Still, few individuals have had a long-lasting impact on Australian music like this man. Few people could have predicted that when he started Mushroom Records in 1972, Michael Gudinski would have a 50-year-long career that helped introduce the world to Split Enz, Kylie Minogue, Jimmy Barnes, and Ed Sheeran. Celebrated documentary director Paul Goldman captures the contagious spirit of the man behind some of Australia’s and the world’s greatest music moments and artists.

Review: Regardless if viewers know the name Michael Gudinski, it doesn’t take long to realise how he influenced generations through his talent discoveries. This documentary embraces the kinetic energy of this force within the music industry. As it travels through time with a break-neck pacing that embodies Gudinski life and career, a humanity emerges amongst the madness. Paul Goldman balances the euphoric stages of the industry and the deep valleys of the music promoter’s personality. The interviews with Dave Grohl, Paul Kelly, Kylie Minogue, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, and more unearth stories that the general populace would never have known respectfully and playfully. EGO: The Michael Gudinski Story is for music industry fans who love indulging in the behind-the-scenes experiences of those who lived the rock-n-roll lifestyle alongside the musicians who defined multiple eras.

Reel Dialogue: What motivates you?

Motivation: “the state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something.”

After watching Michael Gudinski’s story, the man was undoubtedly motivated. Different catalysts drove the man: power, praise, money, and a passion for rock-n-roll. His energy and passion are undeniably contagious within minutes of the opening credits. Still, something was missing throughout the journey. Upon his death, there were exceeding amounts of accolades and praise for the man. Yet, there was a hollowness as people looked back on his life, considering whether it was all worth it.

The Bible speaks to the topic of motivation throughout history. The critical difference between what was seen in this film and the drive of believers in the Bible is that God is the inspiration. Not that people can’t be motivated by business or music, but at the heart of a God-given motivation, there is a satisfaction that goes beyond anything the world offers. Instead of focusing on self-determination, self-obsession, and self-worship, the focus of people’s lives can be found in the peace of God, the hope His grace offers, and the glory being given to God alone. That is the next level of motivation that can only be experienced by knowing the God of the Bible.

“The greatest among you will be your servant. For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted” - Matthew 23:11-12

If you want to discuss motivation and God, contact us at Third Space. We would love to chat about this and more.

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