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Bright Ones

Wed 5 Aug 2020
These kids love their music

Bright Ones is for all of the parents of the world who have children who are passionate about the performing arts. These children seem to have a determined focus on vocal or instrumental performances, dance or acting. An artist’s spirit that seems to pour forth from them during most of their waking hours. The driving force behind this story taps into the lives of those kids. These are the young ones who continuously see their past, present and future selves working in the music industry. Coupling these musical talents with their love for Jesus and their families, the team at Bethel Music provide the perfect option for youth pastors for an upcoming movie night.

In the spirit of High School Musical and Glee, this film focusses on the lives of the students of a Christian performing arts school. Showing each of these performers as they head into their auditions to attend the school. Then showing them as they prepare for an upcoming showcase event. Many of the musicians write and sing their own material with the hope of one day being able to share their heart songs with the people of the world. Even though they all struggle with various challenges in their personal lives, the one thing that gets them up in the morning is their love of performing and Christ.

This story moves between the drama of the student’s lives and multiple all-encompassing musical numbers being performed in the halls of the school. Scenes that lead to a look and feel that is reminiscent of the squeaky clean atmosphere of Disney+. As the production team incorporates beautiful faith-based songs that highlight Bethel Music’s strengths, they attempt to mask the limited acting abilities of most of the cast. Despite some weakness in casting, there are vital elements to be celebrated. The soundtrack and the overall message of the film provide an entertaining and endearing experience. Bright Ones proves to be a nice option for families to enjoy some time together at the cinema and maybe some new songs to sing on the way home.

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