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Bluey Top 30

Thu 11 Nov 2021
What is the best Bluey episode?

30. Christmas Swim

The Heelers have a Christmas gathering at their house. Bluey receives a new toy, but she becomes concerned when the rest of the family plays too roughly with him. After a quick video call with Frisky, her godmother, she becomes convinced to allow the family to play with him again.

29. BBQ

Bandit and Chilli host a barbecue for Uncle Stripe and Aunt Trixie. The children roleplay their parents’ barbecue and Bingo has to search the garden for the right plants to use in the salad.

28. Shadowlands

During a picnic, Bluey and her friends Snickers and Coco play a game of Shadowlands where they must travel across the park only using the shadows. When Coco wants to take shortcuts to make the game easier, Bluey tries to teach her how to solve problems by following the rules of the game.

27. Early Baby

Rusty and Indy, two of Bluey’s friends, are playing separate games at playgroup. Calypso, their teacher, encourages them to share about their games to sort the problem out and the two groups find common ground causing Rusty and Indy to play together.

26. Pirates

Bluey, Bingo and friend Missy pretend to be pirates on the hammock swing at the park. Missy is frightened during the journey but overcomes her fear to rescue Bluey and Bingo from the belly of the whale.

25. Seesaw

When Bluey’s friend PomPom struggles to participate in any of Bluey’s games, Bandit devises a game where PomPom is the star. The children try to push Bandit off the seesaw but cannot do it until PomPom helps.

24. The Pool

Uncle Stripe and Aunt Trixie are on holidays in Bali. Bandit takes Bluey and Bingo around to their house to use the pool, but he forgets the “boring stuff” like the sunscreen, snacks and footwear. Eventually, Chilli comes to the house bringing everything that Bandit forgot and they learn that boring things are still important.

23. Mount Mumandad

Coming home from a long day out, Bandit and Chilli collapse on the couch. Bingo and Bluey have to climb Mount Mumandad and in the process learn that they have to work together to conquer the mountain.

22. Circus

On election day, the Heelers go to vote. Bluey and Bingo run off to play a game of circus with their friends. When another friend, Hercules, uses force to make people play his game, Bluey demonstrates that a good leader shows people what to do in a considerate way.

21. Daddy Putdown

When Chilli leaves for a baby shower, it’s up to Bandit to put Bluey and Bingo to bed. Bluey is upset that mum has left and dad and Bingo try to distract her with games.

20. Helicopter

Dad has to fly to Longreach at the last minute throwing the family’s plans into disarray. This means that Bluey is unable to go to her friend Honey’s house. Through playing a game of “Helicopter” at daycare, Bluey learns that she cannot control everything all the time and has to enjoy whatever life throws at her.

19. Baby Race

Chilli reminisces about the time she compared Bluey’s development to her friend Judo’s development. When Judo’s mother compliments her on her parenting, Chilli realises that every baby develops differently, and she does not have to compete with others to be the best parent.

18. Dance Mode

When Bandit eats Bingo’s last chip, the family gives her the ability to give out three dance modes to her parents. Bingo gets upset with her family for stealing all her dance modes, and the family has to learn that they need to respect Bingo’s choice.

17. Escape

On the way to Nana’s house, Bluey and Bingo discover that mum and dad are leaving them to go spend some time together without them. The children devise a way in which they can join their parents so they can all spend time together.

16. Double Babysitter

A mixup in communication means that Bandit’s brother Rad and Bluey’s godmother Trixie babysit the Heeler kids together. Despite Bluey’s misgivings, the double babysitting goes well, and the two babysitters discover they have much in common.

15. Calypso

Bluey’s teacher Calypso engages the children at preschool with a variety of games culminating in every game being crucial to saving another person’s game.

14. Keepy Uppy

Bluey blows up their last balloon. When Mum suggests a game of “Keepy Uppy”, the two girls have to battle the elements (and their father’s tricks) to win.

13. Hammerbarn

When Bandit sees his neighbour’s new pizza oven, the family take a trip to Hammerbarn to purchase one. Whilst there, Bluey and Bingo fight over the different products that Chilli puts in the trolley and learn that sometimes they can’t have everything they want.

12. Café

On an early morning trip to the playground, Bluey and Bandit encounter a new friend named Winnie and her father Fido. When Bluey and Winnie play café, Fido and Bandit chat and become friends. Eventually, Bandit invites Fido and Winnie to their house for breakfast.

11. The Creek

When Bluey, Bingo and friend Mackenzie tire of playing at the playground, Bandit takes the children down to the creek. Bluey overcomes her fear of the animals and begins to see the beauty in the nature around her.

10. Perfect

It’s Father’s Day, and Bluey wants to make the perfect card for her dad so that he will put it on the fridge. Through a series of mishaps, Bluey learns that what is most important is that her dad loves her exactly for who she is despite not being perfect.

9. Bin Night

Every week, when Bluey and Bingo help take out the bins with Bandit, they converse about life and how they are going. When Bingo shares her struggles with a new boy in her class, Bandit gives her some constructive suggestions to deal with him.

8. The Adventure

Bluey and her friend Chloe are queen and princess, but when they run out of food, they have to go on an adventure back to the place of her birth to find enough food for the family. Together they overcome the dangers of boys and wicked queens to find enough food for the family.

7. Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound

When Bingo is sick in hospital, she thinks that it’s not fair that she has to be sick for so long. Bluey, her friends and her family collaborate on a video to remind Bingo that being sick is just a part of life.

6. Army

Jack, a new Jack Russell, joins Bluey’s preschool. He believes that he cannot do anything, that he is forgetful and cannot sit still. However, Rusty accepts him into his game of army despite these things, and Jack learns that he can do all those things if he puts his mind to it.

5. Rug Island

Bluey and Bingo establish a rug island paradise using felt markers. When Dad wishes to join their island paradise, he has to prove that he belongs and can accept the ways of the island.

4. Camping

When Bluey and her family go camping, she meets a new friend, a French-Canadian named Jean-Luc. Despite the language barrier, Bluey and Jean-Luc have a lot of fun and learn that play often transcends language.

3. Flat Pack

When their new swinging chair arrives in a flat pack, Bandit and Chilli have to learn to work together without fighting to construct the chair. Meanwhile, Bluey and Bingo act out a growing up story, playing nicely without fighting.

2. Sleepytime

Bingo does her best to do a “big girl sleep”, sleep in her bed without going into her parents’ bed. She dreams about travelling the galaxy, stopping off at various planets along the way. Throughout the night, Bingo learns that she can sleep without her stuffed rabbit and that mum will always be there for her because she loves her.

1. Grandad

Chilli, Bluey and Bingo visit Chilli’s dad who has just had surgery for heartworm. Chilli had tried to get the kids to eat their pumpkin seeds but is unsuccessful in doing so. Despite being supposed to rest, he is doing hard manual labour when they get there. Embarrassed, he takes off into the bush with Bluey and Bingo where the three of them escape from mum and learn that it is important to rest and to eat their pumpkin seeds so that they can get nice and strong to help out grandad.

Did Matt get them right? What is your favourite episode? Put your comments in the discussion below.

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