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From Zero to Hero And Back Again

Join us to hear from guest speaker Gary Koo
Thu 23 May, 7.30am-8.30am
Gary Koo
The Law Society of New South Wales
170 Phillip Street, Sydney
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We all love a good comeback story. And according to the SMH’s Dan Walsh, World Champion surfer Mark Occuhilupo’s has ‘one of the best comeback stories in Australian Sport’. He goes on: ‘Hiding away from friends, family and the world, his daily routine consisted of 12 hours of sleep, Coco Pops, chicken, chips, VB and daytime TV’. Just before being interviewed , Occuhilupo, now 57, is back at it apparently having ‘already carved apart the thumping two-metre peaks twice before lunch’ at the infamous Bells Beach.

Jesus once told a story with a breath-taking reversal at its heart. Come along to the first Sydney CBD City Legal of Quarter 2 to hear former medical doctor Gary Koo shed some light on this intriguing story. Register now!

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