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Newphoria: When the New Thing Becomes the Old Thing

Satisfying the thirst for the new
23 Nov 2023
Stephen McAlpine
HHG Legal Group | Perth
863 Hay Street (Cloisters), Perth
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The new thing is always destined to become the old thing. That's the way these things work. The latest Apple iPhone advert captures it perfectly with its latest advertising: Newphoria.

Newphoria is that buzz that you get, that euphoric feeling of the new thing that replaces the old thing, the dopamine hit of an imagined future with this new thing. But Newphoria wears off. We slake our thirst, but we get thirsty again. Is there a way past that thirst that takes us out of the endless Newphoria cycle that the big corporations have tapped into so successfully? And where could we find it?

Join us to hear from guest speaker Steve McAlpine.

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