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‘What all the world desires to have – POWER’

Join us to hear from guest speaker Peter Wrench
10 Apr 2024
Peter Wrench
Johnson Winter Slattery Law Firm
Level 9, 211 Victoria Square, Adelaide
Attend in person

In recent years, power has got a bad rap. It’s toxic – and intoxicating. It was Lord Acton, when writing to Archbishop Creighton in 1887, who so famously quipped: ‘Power (tends to) corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. This is a sentiment that would be heartily shared by many today, almost 140 years later. But are there any examples in history of those who have held great power and not misused it?

Is the good use of power impossible to conceive? What would it look like for a great one to give up power? Come along to Adelaide City Legal from 7am on Wednesday 10 April & hear Peter Wrench wrestle with this intriguing question. We'll be meeting in the Boardroom of Johnson, Winter & Slattery Law Firm. Please rego by clicking the link below ($15 rego includes coffee & breakfast roll).

Please contact Peter Wrench for further information.