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A safe community for women to share perspectives, re-think positions and change practise, in order to grow in work and life.

Reframe: Reflect. Rethink. Refresh.

Reframe is a network of small groups for women interested in personal development. In a safe space we share our perspectives, re-think our positions and change our practise - on a variety of work-related topics and issues. Reframe values are patience, respect and humility. Women of any faith position are welcome.

Each small group meets 8-10 times across the year, generally monthly, at a time and location convenient to the group.

The resources below give some idea of the topics and issues that are discussed in Reframe.

Please contact Caroline Spencer for further information.
Caroline Spencer | 23 Mar 2022
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Caroline Spencer | 26 Oct 2021
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Caroline Spencer | 21 Sep 2021
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