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Third Space Survey

Third Space is a national initiative of City Bible Forum, a non-denominational Christian organisation that engages city workers through public forums and small group meetings.

The purpose of this survey is to research how the general public engages in conversations about spirituality, faith, and life (especially as pertaining to Christianity).

If you identify as a Christian, please DO NOT fill this survey.

This survey is for research purposes only. All information will only be used internally.

Depending on how much detail you would like to include, this survey will take approximately 10–15 minutes to complete

Survey disclaimer

We take protecting your privacy very seriously. All personal information provided by individuals who use this Third Space survey will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  • Participation in this Third Space Survey is voluntary.
  • The surveys are designed to be anonymous. None of the questions are mandatory, though we hope people will try their best to answer all questions.
  • Some of the information we collect about you will be sensitive, such as information about your religious and philosophical beliefs, as well as past experiences relating to Christianity, which for some may be painful. Your survey responses and results using this tool are anonymous and will not be linked to your email address if you provide it to us.
  • In Section 5 we invite participants to take part in further research which would include occasional interviews and participation in an online focus group.
  • Please note that by signing up for further participation we would be using your contact details solely for research purposes.
  • If you wish to engage more generally with Christianity and Third Space, feel free to check out our resources on the website, or contact us – we’d love to continue the conversation.