What would Jesus say today? | Third Space
Does Jesus have something to say to you?

Jesus's teaching is over 2000 years old, but what would he say to us today? What would he say to high achievers, leaders, the calm and sensible, the ones who have it all? What would he say to the broken, the undervalued, the lonely, isolated and outsiders? 
Sam Chan's series of talks show us that Jesus still has something to say to everyone.


Recent resources

Sam Chan | 19 Aug 2020
What can you do when you are out of options? What can you do when you are fearful?
Sam Chan | 12 Aug 2020
The longer we live, the more broken we become - our bodies, our work, our relationships.
Sam Chan | 26 Feb 2020
Is it always good to be calm and sensible?
Sam Chan | 19 Feb 2020
What does a great leader look like?
Sam Chan | 12 Feb 2020
In a culture that values achievement, can you ever achieve enough?
Sam Chan | 6 Mar 2019
Sam Chan considers what Jesus says to people who are in the middle of the corporate ladder.
Sam Chan | 20 Feb 2019
In this talk we see Jesus meet a man who is incredibly rich. At one level he seems like someone who has it all, but does he?
Sam Chan | 13 Feb 2019
With loneliness at epidemic levels in the Western world, what would Jesus say to someone who is isolated and lonely?