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What defines Australian film?

From the black and white days of The Story of the Kelly Gang through to the classic comedies of Muriel's Wedding and The Castle, the Australian film industry has made its unique voice heard throughout history. More recently, Aussie films have developed their own diverse and special tone from the powerful dramas which leave you emotionally drained to the larrikin, dry-witted comedies which celebrate the melting pot of this country's ethnicity. These genre interpretations have led to some of the more renowned films on the global market such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Upgrade and Breath

This collection explores a wide range of films from the industry in these Southern lands that stretch from the migrant stories of Ladies in Black, the period mysteries of Miss Fisher, the iconic Red Dog to the dark historical windings of High Ground. There is no doubt that Australian films have come a long way from Ned Kelly's last stand by showcasing this beautiful land, rich history and its even more intriguing culture. 

Photo by Mudassir Ali from Pexels


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