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Welcome to the resources page for The Maker's Quest book. Get ready for an adventure in film and conversations!

Here you will find the resources you need to begin your Reel Dialogue journey:

  • Finding God in Film training
  • Third Space Discussion guides
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Finding God in film - training

This course is designed for those who love film and want to share it through group discussions about truth, love, beauty, meaning and God. Join Russ Matthews from Reel Dialogue to learn how to run a film discussion group, ask questions and go deeper.

Third Space discussion guides

You can travel along with Cyrus Rover on The Maker's Quest with the Third Space Discussion Guides that complement his journey. Click on the button and open the door to this world of considerations and conversation.

By using these discussion guides, readers can see how these topics relate to our lives, faith and cultures with others makes for rich, in-depth discussions.

Reel Dialogue Reviews

Engaging with films without disengaging faith. Reel Dialogue is a creative dialogue between the Christian faith and entertainment culture. We provide film reviews, downloadable discussion guides, resources and events. Let's get the dialogue started on film. Send us your comments on the latest films and shows.

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Collections: Australia's influence on movies, Artificial Intelligence, Based on a True Story, Space, Coming of Age, Romance