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Speaker - Sarah Irving-Stonebraker
Speaker - Stephen McAlpine
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Welcome to The Edge: Short. Sharp. Smart. Wherever you are in Australia (or the world) we're thrilled you can join us for our first Edge event of 2022.

Before the event

Before the event starts you might find it helpful to open the event booklet in a separate window or on a separate device. Then you can refer to that during the event without interrupting your video connection.

Asking questions

During the talks and the panel discussion you will be able to submit your questions to the number below. This event only works if you send in your questions throughout the evening. We have a Question Master who will organise the questions and then send them through to our moderator. Please remember to keep your question Short, Sharp and Respectful.

SMS your questions to (+61) 0426 973 085

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The Edge

Take a look over the edge

Selective Memory Loss

Building a future that remembers the past

Wrestling with history in an ahistoric age

How the past offers us a fuller picture of ourselves