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Bigger Questions is a podcast, radio show and live event.

A guest is interviewed on a particular topic or theme. We hear their story and their reflections on a short passage from the Bible. The concept is a fun and thoughtful forum - all recorded in half an hour.

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Recent resources

Karen Morris, Sandy Citro, Christina Smith | 18 Apr 2021
Confronting three of life's biggest questions
Chris Watkin | 11 Apr 2021
Reflecting on the need for a new social contract
Helen Bell | 4 Apr 2021
Is the resurrection and hope of eternal life too good to be true?
Mike Licona | 28 Mar 2021
Was that first Easter fake news?


Robert Martin | 24 Mar 2021
A conversation which goes beyond shouting
Robert Martin | 18 Feb 2021
A surprising claim
Robert Martin | 3 Feb 2021
Is religious belief simply the result of society?

Recycled content

Dami Im
25 May 2020
Singer Dami Im shares how she finds comfort, peace, and purpose