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Bigger Questions is a weekly podcast and radio show, but there are no new episodes being recorded.

Guests were interviewed on a theme, telling their story and reflecting on a short Bible passage. This fun and thoughtful show was wrapped up in half an hour.

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If you want to keep exploring, try our Deeper Questions podcast.

Recent resources

Simon Smart | 6 Aug 2023
Exploring the value of Christianity for society
John Dickson, Simon Smart | 30 Jul 2023
An honest conversation confronting the big questions raised by the history of the church.
Shane Rogerson, Stephanie Gear | 9 Jul 2023
Why is fear so powerful?
Sam Chan | 2 Jul 2023
Haven't we had enough of them? Why are they so popular?

Recycled content

KK Yeo
3 Feb 2019
Differences between East and West, cultural diversity and some bigger questions.
Tracy Trinita
4 Feb 2018
Indonesia's first supermodel shares her journey
Peter Adam
22 Apr 2018
Are you crazy busy? Why we're busy and some practical advice on how we can live amidst the busyness of life.
Dami Im
25 May 2020
Singer Dami Im shares how she finds comfort, peace, and purpose
Robert Martin | 8 Jun 2021
Reflecting on 200 episodes of Bigger Questions
Robert Martin | 19 May 2021
How Lego points to something bigger
Robert Martin | 24 Mar 2021
A conversation which goes beyond shouting