Rethinking market design | Third Space
9 Mar 2023

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What if some of our economic intuitions are just plain wrong? There are a number of assumptions in what we can still pass as “mainstream” economics that cannot be justified by the evidence and are contrary to what Scripture says. Take for example:

  • The notion that all people will act rationally and keep their promises so should be trusted. But there is always a risk that some people will opportunistically exploit others.
  • Free markets where willing buyers and sellers are free to transact are not necessarily free of rules due to fear of exploitation.
  • Property rights allow people to decide and deal with their own assets. But should such sacrosanct rights equally apply to those wishing to maintain their accumulated super if they are otherwise supported by welfare?

Is there a case for rethinking market design? If yes, what should be our roles in society? Join us as Anthony Asher helps us rethink market design from a Christian perspective.

In person over a light lunch from 12pm or via Zoom at 12:30pm. 

Please contact Martin Chung for further information.