Phoebe: Fabiola's Inspiration? | Third Space
23 Mar 2023

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Rego + hot breakfast | coffee
$ 23
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$ 15.50
Rego only (includes free coffee!)
$ 5

Many City Legal regulars will recognise the name Fabiola. Fabiola was a Roman Noblewoman who opened up her home and devoted her considerable resources to care for Rome’s sick and destitute. In so doing it is said she founded the first civilian public hospital in Western Europe. This coming Thursday, 23 March David Robertson will be speaking on Phoebe, the benefactor mentioned by Paul in Romans Chapter 16.

One intriguing question is whether Phoebe could have been Fabiola’s inspiration? Join us at City Legal as David begins his fascinating series on ‘Quiet Christians in Public Life’.

Please contact Peter Wrench for further information.