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No thanks, it's my '2' Day...

Proverbs for Lawyers - Health. City Legal Parramatta with guest speaker David Robertson

16 Aug 2022
Attend in person - $5
Join online - Free

5/2 dieting has taken the world by storm. ‘No thanks, it’s my two day’ is now frequently heard at morning tea-time as the donuts are passed around in offices all over the country. It may intrigue you that over 3,000 years ago King Solomon spoke proverbs that contained some surprisingly relevant health advice.

Join us at Parramatta City Legal on Tuesday as David Robertson begins his third quarter series Proverbs for Lawyers.

* Note our new venue:
The refurbished Barrington Café, Ground Floor Lobby, 10 Smith St, Parramatta.

Please contact Peter Wrench for further information.