Let Justice Roll Down | Third Space
15 Sep 2020


“Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” - Martin Luther King*

In the modern era, the face of social justice has changed. Every day our news feeds involve the latest rally or march in various world cities. It is the power of the Internet and mobile devices that deliver these social justice issues right into our pockets and ultimately into our lives.

A spark has been lit that has led to the establishment of multiple movements throughout the past year. From #blacklivesmatter, the #metoo movement and the issues in the church, justice is being sought out. 

What used to be an issue that impacts others in distant lands now spills over onto the streets of your community. How do these issues affect us? Can we do anything that will enact significant change? Is justice even achievable?

The world is seeking justice and we are taking this topic to The Edge. Come along to hear about the possibility of seeing justice in our lifetime from speakers Brooke Prentis and Dr John Dickson.

The Edge will be streaming live on Tuesday, 15 September. You can participate in this event from anywhere around Australia and the world. Register today to get the details of how you can take justice to The Edge. 

*"Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]" 16 April 1963. (cite- Amos 5:24)

Please contact Russ Matthews for further information.