Pulling back the curtain on dystopia | Third Space
11 Mar 2020, 6pm-7.45pm

Free tickets

Free tickets

Dystopian literature and films have infiltrated all genres of the media. These storylines are prolific in dictating how we see the future, influence our emotions, heighten our fears and even can dictate our beliefs.

Examples: Blade Runner, The Hunger Games, WALL-E, Minority Report Interstellar, The Giver, Mad Max and The Handmaid's Tale

Are these narratives similar or different than what we can know from the Book of Revelation?

Come along to hear as Russ Matthews (Reel Dialogue) describes the the similarities of the book of Revelation and dystopian films. He will look into the separation of the these two worlds and what we gain from their similarities and differences.

Four key points of comparison:
-The view of society
-The failure of mankind
-The heroes for society
-The view of the future

This is a talk for all ages and one that will help us to see how the book of Revelation has something relevant to say about today and our future.

Join us for dinner (6pm) and then join the conversation about dystopian films and Revelation. (6:45 -7:45)

Speaker: Russ Matthews - Reel Dialogue

Please contact Russ Matthews for further information.