Fear of the Future - Adelaide | Third Space
18 Mar 2020, 5.45pm-8.15pm

Single ticket

Single ticket
$ 28

Multiple tickets

Multiple tickets
$ 25

Group of 10

Group of 10
$ 180

Do these developments fuel greater anxiety and uncertainty in us than things did in previous generations? How can we face the future without a numbing sense of fear?

Hear Dr Sam Chan (City Bible Forum) and Hon. Stephen Mullighan MP (Shadow Treasurer SA) give their perspectives on what pushes our buttons about the future. Fear of the Future will be held at the iconic nightclub/music venue, The Jade

Fascinating topic. Intriguing speakers. Iconic venue. Don't miss Fear of the Future in Adelaide. 

Registrations close on Monday, 16 March - 5pm

Please contact Craig Broman for further information.