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A good time to hate lettuce

Sun 17 Jul 2022
Now that it is expensive, everyone wants some
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I hate Lettuce.

Can’t see the point of it.

Lettuce is to a burger what packing peanuts are to an Amazon parcel

But now that lettuce is so expensive - everyone wants lettuce!

It’s funny how we value things isn’t it? Suddenly when it’s popular and expensive we get interested.

Like those latest Curry UnderArmour basketball shoes. Or the Jordan 36s.

It didn’t cost that much more to make them than it cost to make a no name brand. But everyone wants them – so up the price goes.

Jesus tells us to value the things that humans don’t value all that much.

He says look behind the hype – and see that the seemingly insignificant thing can be of real value.

True significance does not come with popularity – just like lettuce.

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