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God in Film Guide - A Man Called Otto

“You think you can do everything on your own. Well, guess what? No one can."
Tue 31 Jan 2023
Bible reference(s): Mark 12:31

God in Film study guides combine your two favourite things, God and movies. Upskill yourself for group discussions that explores deep themes. Learn to be the Producer, Director and Reviewer of your own film discussion group.

Each God in Film guide provides you with a synopsis, planning guide, tips and specially selected clips for discussing in a group. Download the attached PDF guide to get started.

Film synopsis: Everybody loves Tom Hanks. Not only is he a gifted actor with two Academy Awards, four other nominations, and dozens of other accolades. Yet, he has also become a cultural icon known for his warmth and genuity. He can give dramatic and comedic performances and is considered one of the most successful actors. In September 2017, it was announced that Hanks would star in an English-language adaptation of the 2015 Swedish film A Man Called Ove.

In this storyline, grumpy 60-year-old Otto Anderson's wife dies and then he is forced to retire from his job of nearly 40 years. Since he seemingly has nothing to live for, Otto decides to end his life. Still, his attempts are constantly interrupted by his boisterous new neighbours who move in across the street. An unlikely friendship forms as he meets his match in the quick-witted, pregnant mother Marisol (Mariana Treviño), who challenges him to see the brighter side of things. - Michael Walsh

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